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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Alright. I have been wanting to see this movie since I heard of it! I mean come on, Abraham Lincoln VAMPIRE HUNTER.
I'm also a Tim Burton fan so I really wanted to watch this movie. My Dad brought it over today, and we watched it together.
I was thinking it might be kind of hokey, but it really wasn't in my opinion. I really liked this movie. I didn't like the movie as much for the story, but for the fight scenes. There's something sexy about an angry man wielding an ax like a ninja, while wearing period clothing. Or...maybe I'm just weird. No, really...this movie was right up my alley: Historical fiction, sci-fi, dark, awesome fight scenes, general bad-assery. Woohoo!
My favorite scene in this movie takes place on a train that is supposed to be carrying silver to Union troops so they can properly fight against the Confederate army/vampires. (spoiler) The vampires want to stop the train, blah blah, and Lincoln and his guys fight the vampires on the train. It's a really epic fight scene--especially with the trestle/bridge burning beneath the train, fighting on top of the speeding train, and cool ninja-ax stuff.

Even Mary Todd had a bad-ass moment! I really liked her character. She was a fireball. :)

I also loved when Lincoln delivered The Gettysburg Address. Maybe I'm a nerd, but it gave me shivers. Unf, it would have been amazing to really have been there to hear him deliver that speech.


I would really recommend this movie. In my opinion it is worth watching, you will be entertained. It is certainly not cheesy as I expected it to be. I'm sure I'll watch it again.

Axe Cop, eat your heart out!

Meh, just kidding. Axe Cop is still awesome.

This ^ I want to be it for Halloween. Who cares if I'm a female. I was Snape last year. STUPID BOOBS. >>

Anyway, watch Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter if you get the chance!

Mwah. *hugs*

Guess my drabbles aren't *really* drabbles. They always turn out longer more like mini-fics. Anyway, here are the first two!

Prompt: Leaf pile (I kind of cheated already and changed it to just 'leaves' but...it's okay because I'm doing this one for myself.)
Fandom: X-Files
Pairing/characters: Mulder with thoughts of Scully
Note: First time writing for the X-Files. .__. I hope I do okay.
Warning: None
Title: Hold On

Mulder listened to the sounds of leaves crunching and crackling beneath his shoes as he meandered along a faded asphalt path. His hands were balled up and stuffed into the large pockets of his trench coat, and the fabric whispered gently against his slacks as his body moved with slow stride. He could not remember when he had last done something 'slowly' or the last time the word 'meandering' had applied to his life. He liked the ring of that word as it washed over his so rarely settled mind. He was not a man who could easily slow down. He was always running towards that light in the distance that so few believed in: the truth. He knew it was there. He could see it winking to him as faint as a pinprick in the dark but still--it was there. He knew that pinprick would open one day, and the truth would out, and those who sought to hide it would be blinded with it's light and all the layers and layers of dirt, lies, and conspiracy would be nakedly on display. This would not slip through his fingers as she had; his sister. His Samantha.

Mulder let his head droop a bit, and toed at the firework display of leaves lying strewn before his ambling feet. He closed his eyes, and inhaled deeply, wanting to put those obsessive thoughts at bay for a few more minutes. His head was always spinning with what he knew, what he didn't know, and the many questions he needed answers for. Sometimes his mind seemed to him like a massive ball of shoestrings tied in knot upon knot, some of them tangled so deeply that it seemed no trying fingers could ever unwind them.

Mulder had to try anyway.

He breathed deeply once more, and the cool autumn air made him feel fresher, the scent of the leaves gave him a small comfort, and the breeze that combed through his hair and kissed his cheeks seemed to seep beyond, and thankfully it shrouded his feverish mind in a gauze of temporary relief. The corners of Mulder's lips turned up ever so slightly. His eyes crinkled slightly, as if a stray spoke of sun had spun through the whispering tree branches and made him squint ever so subtly.

If Scully was here she would notice. Her trained eye did not miss the most miniature detail. Mulder sometimes seemed oblivious, but he felt how she looked at him, or her subtle touches; a brush, a glance, a smile...even her jibes and the way she continuously shut down his theories...he enjoyed every moment. He would have really enjoyed this quiet moment with her, had she been by his side, weaving along this trail with him.

Mulder tilted his head upward, pausing beneath a tree whose branches twisted, bent, and fanned out over the path he was following. Leaves hung from the dainty wooden fingers--red flashing like the flitting fan of a goldfishes tail, and yellow glimmering like golden coins, and most of all the orange leaves. The breeze lifted the leaves and made them dance. The orange leaves reflected the exact shade of Scully's hair and in his eyes they seemed just as smooth and silky as her hair looked to him in those moments when he really stopped to see her. She would tuck it behind her ear, or sweep it of her face, or it would bounce as walked. How would that beautiful hair look twisted gently around Mulders fingers? How would it feel pressed against his lips? How would it smell if he curled beside her, closed his eyes, and inhaled her essence as it were a fine flower?

Mulder's eyes glittered, his smile a bit more evident now. His arm stretched out and his hand up, his fingertips reaching for those mesmerizing leaves that so reminded him of her. He could not touch them but his reach hung frozen in place. The tips of his fingers wiggled but were met only by the next breeze that jostled the leaves.

One of them floated downwards, see-sawing on the currents of air, and Mulder reached out. He wrapped his hand around it, and drew it near to him. The small orange leaf lay against his palm, and with one finger, he traced the stem and the intricate veins. His smile grew a bit more--a peek of teeth between lips--and the leaf disappeared into his pocket along with his hands.

Mulder ambled onward along the path, leaving the tree behind him.

No, Scully was not here with him on this path in this park, but he knew she was always beside him. Their true path was not an easy one. It was fraught with far greater perils than the crunch of autumn leaves underfoot. They did not often walk that path pleasurably, taking in the scenery, but they often ran along it as they chased the ends of red tape into the night.

Mulder's fingertips brushed the small treasure in his pocket, and his hand curled gently around it.

He held on.


Prompt: Costume
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/characters: Snupin
FOR: DK <3
Note: I've read in the fandom that some people think Snape smokes due to some descriptions JK has givin him. Once in awhile I like to give Snape a smoke, wether his character really does or not.
Warning: Sexy moments, but nothing graphic.
Red Hot

Lupin tumbled from the floo, straightened himself, and vigorously brushed the powder from his shabby clothing. His graying hair tumbled boyishly over his forehead--Snape knew this without needing to turn away from his work to look. Every nuance of this man Lupin was detailed into Snape's impecible memory. He was desperately eager to look upon the sweet face of his lover, but he must finish his thoughts before turning. The last words were inked onto parchment, and Snape vanished his quill, satisfied.

"Severus," Lupin smiled easily despite their troubles, though Snape could easily trace with his eyes the newest stress lines creasing bits of Lupin's skin--the corners of his eyes, the spot between his eyes, the ones that hid beneath those boyish locks of silvering hair. "I've missed you."

"And I, you," Snape said quietly, drinking in the way his lover looked and smelled.

Lupin was drinking Snape in as well. Lupin found him irresistibly handsome, and delighted in telling Snape so, who still flushed at the compliments he was not used to receiving. But to Lupin he was the most desirable man, the only man, that Lupin wanted. But his Severus showed signs of these perilous times as well. His slick, obsidian hair remained untouched by the fingers of silver that had began to lace Lupin's, but Severus' face did show his wear. Lupin could easily tell that Snape was often sleepless. His entrancing black eyes were alert, but the hollows around them were colored darkly and the creases around and beneath them made more pronounced by the contrast against his pale skin. Severus' had always been thin, but Lupin was sure that each time he saw his lover anew, he seemed to be leaner than ever. Lupin pressed his lips into a tight line, but before he could speak, Snape had kissed them.

"I'm fine," Snape said dismissively. He had easily anticipated Lupin's scolding by the look in his eyes--before the man had even pressed his lips together in that trademark of his.


"So my Mother tells me," Snape quipped with his usual sarcastic wit.

Snape crossed the room quietly, his onyx robes moving sinuously with him. He gestured towards a tray with a silver kettle in the middle, and and empty cup and saucer of untouched biscuits flanking each side.

"Tea, Remus?" Snape swept his wand from his robe, and used the tip to warm the tea kettle whose contents had gone cold.

Lupin knew Snape would speak nothing of his skipped meals and sleepless nights--he did not wish Lupin to worry--though Lupin insisted upon it regardless. The kiss had also dampened Lupin's need to mother his beloved, as a more physical side stirred in him strongly. It had been too long since he and Severus had been able to be together. Lupin's eyes flashed, his easy smile turning wolfish, as he moved towards Snape and pressed flush against him. Snape looked down his hooked nose at Lupin, knowing exactly what he desired, and desiring it from his mate just the same.

"It is not tea I feel like drinking, Severus," Lupin growled, his breath hot against Snape's sensitive ear. Snape shivered as Lupin's words, scent, and proximity all collided and spiraled through his body and fanned the flame of his desire still brighter.

"Tell me, Lupin," Snape drawled, his quiet voice made rich with his need. "What you would prefer to consume?"

Lupin tore at Snape's robes, sending a few of Snape's many acursed buttons flying and clattering minutely to the stone floor. Lupin muttered impatiently about Snape's complicated wardrobe habits as he tossed off Snape's cravat, pawed through Snape's shirt, and finally laid his hands upon smooth, warm, ivory flesh. Lupin's hand rested against Snape's chest feeling the heartbeat pound hotly beneath his hand. His eyes held Snape's with equal intensity and he answered.

"I want to consume you," And Lupin bit at the Claiming Mark at the junction of Snape's neck and shoulder, and Lupin did devour him.


The two men laid in bed tangled up in each other and Snape's sheet. Snape was propped on one bony elbow. He was enjoying the afterglow, along with a Muggle habbit he had never been able to shake completely. Now and then Snape sucumed to the small pleasure of dragging on a cigarette. Lupin enjoyed watching his lover inhale, the way his cheeks hollowed and his chest expanded. He watched intently as Snape's lips parted to exhale, and how the smoke drifted in wisps or in rings upwards. It was very Muggle as most wizards would prefer pipes for smoking, but this was just another uniqueness that endeared Snape even further to Lupin. Lupin reached lazily and swept a lock of sweaty hair from the side of Snape's face where at had been clinging to the countour of his cheek bone. Lupin leaned in, and kissed that spot.

"Severus, I've been thinking," Lupin said quietly, his eyes tracking a ring of smoke as it pirouetted.


"Yes," Lupin confessed, smiling crookedly. "I've been thinking of the nearing holiday...and of a certain Muggle tradition."

Snape arched a heavy eyebrow, but said nothing. He watched the tip of his cigarette glow brightly as he wrapped thin lips around it and inhaled.

"We should dress up for each other, Severus!" Lupin declared this excitedly as a little boy sighting his presents on Christmas morning. Snape coughed, having not expected that of all things from Lupin, and having choked on his inhalation as a result.

"Dress..." Snape coughed. "Dress up?" Snape vanished his cigarette. Lupin pouted at the seriousness on his lover's face. "Certainly not. These are childrens games, Remus, and...

Lupin continued to pout.

Snape continued to remain passive in expression, though he and Lupin both knew that a pout from Lupin could undue Snape more easily than interogation from the Dark Lord ever could.

"No. I will not do it," Snape said in a tone of finality. He gave a curt nod, as if to punctuate.

"Spoil sport," Lupin yawned, and scooted closer to Snape. He laid an arm across Snape's then torso, and counted the sparse sprouts of raven hair that bloomed in the center of Snape's chest. "But I'm still going to do it. I'll dress up...you wait and see."

"How about as a nudist?" Snape grinned. "Affordable, and bound to look perfect on you."

Lupin chortled.


Lupin had come to visit Snape once more, and confound it if he was still going on about "dressing up". Snape had hoped that perhaps Lupin would have forgotten it, but Lupin did not forget a thing once his mind was set to it.

"And just what would be your choice costume, Remus?" Snape asked as he and Lupin sat on Snape's bed, sharing a light dinner of bread and cold cuts from the Hogwarts kitchen.

"Mm..." Lupin chewed, swallowed, and answered. "A wolf, of course." Remus grinned, and bit into his quickly disappearing sandwich. Snape blinked with his sandwich halfway to his mouth.

"How very original," Snape said silkily. "And perhaps I will change my mind and dress up for you."

"You will?" Lupin was eager. "And what will you be, Severus?"

"A disgruntled Potion's Master, perhaps," Snape took a small bite of his sandwich.

"Ah. That is much more creative than my idea! How in Merlin's name did you come up with that one?"

Both men exchanged small smiles.

Snape continued on his sandwich after Lupin had already finished two. Lupin sat back and was fishing for something in the inner pocket of his robe.

"Going to hex me for my cheek?" Snape asked, placing his unfinished sandwich onto his plate, and watching his lover with twinkling eyes.

"No, I'm not getting my wand. I'm...going to show you your costume."


"Now, now, don't carry on so, Severus." Lupin drew from his pocket a small wad of something bright red. He let the fabric unbunch and dangle from his hand. Snape's face immediately turned a matching hue.

"No!" Snape covered his eyes upon sighting the 'costume' which made Lupin guffaw with waves of laughter.

"Oh, my dear Severus!" Lupin toppled onto his side and lay upon the bed laughing, and wiping tears from his eyes. "You amuse me so."

"Put that away!" Snape said, removing his hand-shield, and feeling even more embarassed for having had such a childish reaction.

"Severus, please? Just for me?" Remus laid the garment between them, smoothing it out, and hiccuping on his remaining chuckles.

Placed between himself and Snape were a pair of tiny red leather shorts. The sides winked with silver studs, and the front boasted black leather laces. Did Lupin really want him to wear this? It must be only a joke. Lupin after all did seem quite amused with himself.

"Trashy," Snape said, dismissing the embarassing shred of clothing with one snipped word.

Lupin's giggles cut off immediatley. He was pouting once again.

"It isn't at all trashy, Severus. On the contrary I believe they would look extremely sexy with you in them," Lupin picked them up, and ran his fingers along the studs. "These would sit against those slender hips, and the red would look just lucious with your coloring, and the laces..." Lupin grinned. "Mm...I don't know if those laces could contain you."

Snape snatched the clothing, and it dangled pinched between his thumb and index finger. He vanished it.

"I'm not wearing it."


Lupin waited for Snape. Tonight was the night. Lupin wore a pair of wolf ears, and a tail that was attached to a tiny pair of black shorts, and nothing else. He reclined on Snape's bed, and eventually Snape appeared gliding through the door, and turning immediatley to set his wards. He had spun so quickly he had not yet noticed Lupin. Snape was thinking over the useless detention he had just presided over with that brat Potter--the boy would never learn. Snape finished his words, gave a small disgruntled sigh, and turned. His eyes widened when he saw Lupin displayed as if a delictable candy upon his bed. All thoughts of Potter were ash and temporarily forgotten.

Severus stood still for a few moments, arms crossed over his chest, just drinking in the sight of Lupin. His intense black eyes kept track of Lupin as he slinked across the bed on all fours, and then stood to his full height, and padded barefoot across the stone floor to his waiting lover. Lupin pressed Snape back against the door possesively.

"Mm," Snape murmured his pleasure, and closed his eyes as he felt Lupin's fingers go to work on the buttons on his robe. Lupin had once called those buttons 'the bane of his existence', thought sometimes Lupin used them to his advantage to drag out the undressing when Snape was especially impatient. Now was not that time, however.

Lupin tore through Snape's buttons eagerly, then gasped as he moved the fabric aside. Snape was wearing nothing beneath his robe...except for a tiny pair of red leather shorts.


I want to get back into writing fanfic, so here is my offer. Pick as many prompts and people or pairings you wish.
Ex: Trick-Or-Treat | Roddy/Ric
I will do the prompt and person or pairing for you in a drabble. Any words that are not taken I will pick people or pairings for them and do them as my own.

May pick wrestling or HP but be warned I have been out of the wrestling loop for months so I don't know squat about new people. O__O Have fun. :)


Corn maze
Black cat
Spirit/s (as in ghosts, not alcohol as Roddy muse was hoping for)
Leaf Pile